Research Programs

MAS conducts research on priority economic issues to assist decision-makers in formulating effective policies and strategies in the face of economic problems and social challenges affecting the Palestinian people in the occupied territories. During its long history, MAS has produced more than 350 research papers and studies across numerous economic and social sectors. MAS strives to establish its research priorities through close cooperation with (public and private) economic and social policy-making departments, continuous follow-up in the field, and continuous development in terms of its response capacity. MAS encourages these departments to rely on knowledge in their work and decisions.

The current research program builds upon MAS core areas of focus:

  • Trade policies.
  • Financial policies.
  • Monetary policies.
  • Labor and employment policies.
  • Housing and construction policies.

The program has evolved to cover research on topics with socio-economic dimensions such as poverty, social security, and the informal sector, as well as environmental issues such as investment in renewable energy.

(in Arabic) Research program framework
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