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Contributions to strengthening the independence of scientific research

Research centers constitute homes of expertise and thought upon which decision-makers, the private sector, and society in all its sectors depend, as they are a primary source of information, policy recommendations, and plausible forecasts. Scientific, political, economic, and social research has always contributed to shaping government policies, responding to the priorities of the private sector while examining opportunities and needs for economic development, in order to achieve the greater goal of community-building.

As an institute, MAS is one of the first centers of expertise and free forums for general economic and social dialogue. It works on preparing independent research that lies at the heart of Palestinian priorities, playing a key role in guiding the process of economic development.

Sustainable funding is a prerequisite for the success of research centers, given that producing high-quality research is a relatively costly business. Many centers face a fundamental dilemma with regard to funding, especially in developing countries, as they depend to a large extent on external sources of funding.

Following the situation in Palestine from the heart of Palestine

MAS has launched the Friends of MAS Network, opening the (virtual) door of the Institute to a wider audience and providing an opportunity for individuals (especially in the Palestinian diaspora) and institutions interested in enhancing the role of scientific institutions in public life to participate in MAS’s public activities, and to support our financial sustainability and independence.

By joining our Network, you can monitor Palestinian economic and social events, participate in public dialogue, and view the latest publications of the Institute (or obtain hard copies). You can also become acquainted with the Palestinian economic community through the annual meeting of network members, who are entitled to sponsor some of the Institute's distinguished programs.

Become a partner in making a difference - join the Network

If you believe in the role of scientific research in building society and fixing its inequities, join us today.

To join the Friends of MAS Network, please fill out this form. Subscription payments are due from the third month of joining.

Subscription Categories

Primary sponsor: For an annual subscription of $150, the member is entitled to:

  • A digital copy of the monthly Palestine Economic Bulletin (in English or Arabic)
  • A copy of the MAS News Bulletin (six issues annually), presenting the Institute’s latest activities and publications.
  • An invitation to participate digitally in roundtable sessions (in Arabic) and at the Youssef Sayegh Annual Development Lecture.
  • Monthly broadcast of “The Balcony” news talk show (radio and TV episodes).
  • Participation in the exclusive annual meeting of the Friends of MAS Network.


Silver Sponsor: For an annual subscription of $250, the member is entitled to all the benefits of regular membership (as outlined above), in addition to:

  • Hard copies (sent by express mail) of six publications annually.
  • Digital copies (for scientific research purposes) of four books from MAS’s Library, annually.
  • An electronic copy of unpublished, limited distribution policy papers prepared by MAS.


Golden Sponsor: To contribute to the general activities of MAS, a donation can be made for $1,000 or $3,000 or $5,000, to sponsor one of the following programs:

  • Research training program for recent graduates.
  • Series of roundtable meetings.
  • “The Balcony” news talk show (radio and TV).
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