Arab Human Capabilities Conference

MAS, in cooperation with the Arab Higher Follow-up Committee that represents Palestinians in Israel, supports a project to mobilize and network Palestinian scientific and human capabilities through holding annual conferences and accompanying activities. Within the framework of this cooperation, two reports were issued for the 2019 and 2021 conferences.

The fixed objectives of the Arab Conference on Human Capacity are:

  1. Strengthening the morale of the Arab citizen and confidence in their ability to achieve the desired social change and consequently the advancement of society.
  2. Building an inclusive public forum that brings together professionals, politicians, and decision-makers under one roof, where they define future goals, discuss methods needed to achieve their goals, and discuss their recommendations with the responsible authorities.
  3. Creating partnerships and a climate of cooperation between professionals in all fields and the active political circles, especially the Follow-up Committee and the National Committee of Bodies.
  4. Organizing human capacities in various fields of work to carry out targeted public campaigns, prepare working papers, and build future strategies that can be implemented locally or nationally.
  5. Establishing a scientific and professional reference for the Arab community and our popular, professional, and civic bodies active in various fields of life.