Strategic Advisory Services

Under "Strategic Advisory Services", MAS implements a number of projects related to institutional assessment and strategic planning. These services are conducted at the request of partners and actors in the economic and social development arena, and the studies are not usually published. Recent examples include:


  • Regional Development in Palestine (Ministry of Local Government)
  • Policy and legal framework for public-private partnership at the level of local government bodies (Ministry of Local Government)
  • National Strategy for the Palestinian Agricultural Sector 2021-2023 (Ministry of Agriculture)
  • The investment argument for early childhood development (Ministry of Social Development)
  • Cost of implementing the People with Disabilities Law (Ministry of Social Development)
  • An Incubating Environment to Stimulate Entrepreneurial Initiatives (World Bank)
  • Agricultural Finance Sector (Ministry of Agriculture and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
  • Strategic Review of Food and Nutrition Security in Palestine 2017-2021 (World Food Program)
  • Foundations and requirements for sustainable growth of the Palestinian private economy (United Contractors Company (CCC) and Bank of Palestine (BoP))
  • Institutional and Program Evaluation of the Palestinian Employment Fund (Prime Minister's Office)


To find out more about these projects and the advisory services that the institute can provide, please contact us via the main e-mail