MAS Conferences


MAS periodically convenes conferences to discuss in-depth, important, and urgent issues of strategic and urgent importance to the Palestinian economy. MAS’s conferences provide an opportunity for policy-makers, private-sector, and civil society leaders, as well as economic researchers, to deliberate and patiently debate issues on a face-to-face basis, concerning the challenges and dilemmas facing the Palestinian economy and society, and to explore opportunities and potential options.

Some of the topics addressed in previous MAS conferences are: “Enhancing the Self-capacity of the Palestinian Economy” (2002). “The Palestinian Economic Action Agenda in a Transformative Environment” (2005). “The Reality of Unemployment in Palestine and Prospects for a Solution” (2006). “The Palestinian Economy: Forty years of occupation - forty years of thwarting development” (2007). “The unity of the two parts of the country as a lever for liberation from occupation and for achieving sustainable development” (2010).

These conferences have contributed to enhancing knowledge of the reality of the Palestinian economy. They have helped to shed light on the challenges it faces, increasing interest in research and reports prepared by MAS, and expanding their adoption for the benefit of making governmental decisions, policies, and procedures.

MAS’s last conference was held in 2016, covering a scientific, consultative, and participatory process, which culminated in issuing a number of priority recommendations to the government and the private sector. This was presented within the context of a “policy framework” matrix, which outlined various external and internal challenges to economic growth and social development that can be addressed in the context of reform and institutional development efforts. Moreover, according to the Conference's recommendations, a "National Economic Team" was established, headed by the Prime Minister, with the representation of economic institutions from the public, private and civil society sectors.

MAS Conference 2016
feb 2017
The Palestinian Economy: The Road to a Better Future
jan 2017
Closing Statement
sep 2016
MAS Conference 2005
feb 2015
MAS Conference 2010
feb 2015
MAS Conference 2007
feb 2015
MAS Conference 2006
feb 2015
MAS Conference 2003
feb 2015
Enhancing the Capacity of the Palestinian Economy
sep 2014