Comprehensive Response to Socio-Economic Impacts of The Covid-19 Pandemic in Palestine Under Occupation - Responsive and Inclusive Governance ( Pillar 4(

year: 2021

This publication is one of a series of six reports on the socio-economic impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic in Palestine and required responses, organized under five themes.
These include:


Introduction -The COVID-19 Shock in Palestine: from Resilience to Empowerment to Sovereignty;

Pillar 1: The Economic Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on the Most-Vulnerable Micro, Small and
Medium-Sized Enterprises Protecting Jobs, Especially for Youth and Women;

Pillar 2: Providing Safety
Nets and Social Protection for the Most-Affected and Marginalized Groups;

Pillar 3: Resilient Communities
and Access to Key Services;

Pillar 4:Responsive and Inclusive Governance;

Pillar 5: Response and Interventions for Addressing Impacts of the Coronavirus Pandemic in the Gaza Strip.


This study is funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

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