Director General Statement

Dear Visitors,

I am pleased to welcome visitors to MAS’s new website, our virtual door to the world, containing a rich repository of scientific and research materials on various aspects of the Palestinian economy, including studies, reports, and publications that MAS has published since its inception 25 years ago. The website includes all the content in the previous site plus much more, aiming to be both user-friendly and accessible in research-related content. 

I hope that this website will form a solid basis for moving forward, for spreading MAS’s scientific message, and for enhancing its tangible contribution in the form of providing an expert economic opinion based on accurate numbers, correct analysis, and authentic national orientation. We especially hope that it will be a useful platform for our wider interaction with the broader Palestinian and international public, at home and abroad. 

Since its establishment, MAS has distinguished itself by its ability to bring together all parties and partners working in economic, social, and policy affairs, and to employ various methodologies and economic doctrines in order to serve common goals in building and maintaining the national economy. MAS formulates relevant economic and social policies that meet the needs of resilience that builds sovereign governance capacities, in an environment that is volatile and inimically hostile to development, due to occupation and long-term Israeli settler-colonialism. MAS has earned a reputation for advanced levels of scientific research, responsive to the concrete needs of the Palestinian people and an ever-changing political landscape. 

The scientific integrity of our economic analysis - and its contribution to the dissemination of national economic culture - has been (and will remain) our platform for free and frank dialogue on difficult, Palestinian development issues. MAS provides a safe zone for the best of Palestinian competencies, a forum for informed public debate, and a destination for researchers from all over the world, who are interested in the Palestinian economy.

We hope that here, and hopefully in visiting MAS offices, you find the knowledge that benefits your research and furthers your interest in the Palestinian economy. We welcome your inquiries and suggestions in developing our communications with MAS’s audience and beneficiaries of our research services.

Raja Khalidi