Junior Researchers Training Program

Since its inception, MAS has hosted a number of trainees chosen from among economics first degree graduates with outstanding academic records from Palestinian universities to improve their research capacities and employability. This program is primarily a response to the urgent need to build the capacity of Palestinian university graduates and bridge the gap between the output of local universities and the needs of the local labor market and has served over time as an important incubator for assistant and associate MAS researchers. Palestinian and international economics graduates from abroad have also benefited from this program.

Each year, MAS hosts research trainees for 3 months, renewable only once; the number at any time depends on placement possibilities in ongoing research programs.  


-          Type of Program:


-          Fields:

-          Duration:

-          Evaluation bases:

-           Stipend:


On-the-job training and monitoring through contribution to research programs.
Economics and related social sciences.
3 months renewable once.
University record and interest in research work for a future job placement.
Up to US$500/month, depending on the availability of funds.





-          Bachelor degree in economics or a related field.

-          8 hours/day commitment.  

-          Very good university record.

-          Knowledge of SPSS or E-Views or other similar programs is an advantage.

-          Strong interest in research.

-          Compliance with the institute's internal rules and regulations.

To apply send your CV to mdo@mas.ps        


  • Foreign graduates can be accommodated for short periods as visitors and will be provided with a workplace . A stipend will be paid at the same rate as local graduates if the visitors are requested to do work for the institute.