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The Institute's work and accomplishments in the domain of scientific research have not been possible without the help and assistance of its long-established local and international partnerships:

The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistic -PCBS

MAS & PCBS have worked closely since their establishment, and exchange information regularly.
Currently the PCBS cooperates with MAS in preparing the Economic & Social Monitor.
For more information on the PCBS visit their website at

Palestine Monitory Authority-PMA

MAS and the PMA have collaborated closely since their establishment. Currently the PMA cooperates with MAS for preparing the Economic & Social Monitor.
The PMA also commissioned MAS to conduct two research studies on monetary policies.
For more information on the PMA visit their website at

Forum Euro-Mediterranean de Institutes des Science Economiques - FEMISE

MAS is a member of the FEMISE Association, a Euro-Mediterranean network established in June 2005 as non-profit organization. The network gathers more than 90 members of economic research institutes, representing the 37 partners of the Barcelona Process. The FEMISE is coordinated by the Institut de la Méditerranée (France) and the Economic Research Forum (Egypt).
For more information visit their website at

 Recent Partnerships:

l’Institut de Prospective Economique du Monde Méditerranéen- IPEMED

In Jan 2014, MAS signed an agreement with IPEMED, to partner with another 40 institutions in the "Mediterranean 2030 Program". The program aims at promoting foresight and helping the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation of the national organisms of foresight. The program will publish its findings in a report every two years entitled "Euro-Mediterranean: Where We Are".
IPEMED is an association subsidised by Euro-Mediterranean companies and individuals sharing its values.
IPEMED is a cooperative tool between economic stakeholders of the Mediterranean region.

For more information visit IPEMED website at

Russian Institute for Strategic Studies- RISS

In May 2014 MAS signed a Scientific Cooperation Agreement with RISS at its headquarters in Moscow. The overall objective of the agreement is to create conditions for a free exchange of opinions in areas of policy research of mutual interest to both institutes.
For more information about RISS visit their website at

Birzeit University

Birzeit University is a Palestinian institution of higher education, overseen by a free-standing board of trustees. Located in Birzeit, it aspires to achieve excellence in higher education learning and teaching, contribute to the advancement of knowledge through research, and advance community outreach through service to the Palestinian society.

BZU strives to maintain its status as the premiere Palestinian university. It comprises ten faculties offering 46 undergraduate programs, 23 master’s programs, and one interdisciplinary doctoral program in the Social Sciences. The University is home to a number of institutes, centers, and programs that support community-oriented projects geared towards professional training and capacity building, as well as policy-oriented and applied research. Moreover, Birzeit University has developed academic relations with several distinguished domestic and international universities and institutions, encouraging joint research activities and guest lectures, as well as faculty and student exchanges.