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Research Advisory Group

The Research Advisory Group (RAG) is commissioned by the Board of Trustees, upon the recommendation of the Director General, to assist in controlling the quality of the Institute’s research through:

  • Discussing and reviewing MAS’s scholarly activities and proposing additional projects to help MAS achieve its immediate goals and objectives;
  • Commenting on the Institute’s Annual Research Plan;
  • Refereeing MAS’s research output.

RAG members are experts in economics or related social sciences who have proven abilities and vast experience, and are academically well-reputed in their respective fields.

Following are the current RAG members:

Abdul Fattah Abu Al Shukor


Former Prof. of Economics
An-Najah National University
PhD in Economic Development in 1980 Phillips University in West Germany

Abedalhadi Yousef
Economic Expert and Consultant
Former Director, IMF-Middle East Center for Economics and Finance, Kuwait
Ph.D., Economics, 1981, University of South Carolina, USA
Jamil Harb
Professor of Plant Biology
Faculty Member - Department of Biology and Biochemistry
Birzeit University, Palestine
PhD in physiology of fruits and vegetables, 1994, University of Hohenheim )Stuttgart- Germany)

Mohammad Nasr
Chairperson, Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute (MAS)
Lecturer at the Faculty of Business and Economics
Birzeit University, Palestine
Ph.D. in Economics, Ohio State University, USA

Mahmoud al Jaafari
Department of Economics
Faculty member
Al Quds Open University, Palestine
Ph.D. Economics/Agri -Economics, 1986, Mississippi State University, U.S.A
Majdi Al-Malki
Associate Professor
Faculty Member - Department of Social and Behavioral Science
Birzeit University - Palestine
PhD in Sociology of development, 1994, Nanterre University- Paris X
Nabeel Kassis
Chairman of the Palestine Capital Market Authority (PCMA)
MAS’s Director General for two terms (June 1994- Sep 1998 and Nov 2013- Oct 2019)
President of Birzeit University (2004-2010)
Ph.D. in Theoretical Nuclear Physics, 1972, American University of Beirut,
Osama Hamed
Department of Economics
Rutgers University
the State University of New Jersey, USA
Ph.D. in Economics, 1987, University of California, USA.
Samia Al Botmeh
Faculty Member & Senior Researcher
Institute of Women Studies & at the Institute of Development Studies
Birzeit University, Palestine
Ph.D. in Economics, University of London (SOAS), 2014, UK
Sulayman Al-Qudsi
Principal Research Specialist
Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research- Kuwait
PhD in Economics, 1979, University of California, Davis

Yousef S. Daoud
Faculty Member - Department of Economics
Birzeit University - Palestine
PhD in Econometrics/International Finance, 1995, State University of New York at Albany