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Welcome to MAS

 Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am pleased to welcome you to the Institute’s website, which contains rich scientific and research materials on various aspects of the Palestinian economy, in the form of studies, reports and publications the Institute has been publishing since its establishment 25 years ago. Although I became Director General in late 2019, I have enjoyed strong research and institutional relations with the Institute since its foundation. I hope this will form a solid basis for moving forward with promoting the Institute’s prestigious scientific mission, as well as for strengthening its tangible contribution by providing expert economic opinion based on accurate calculations, correct analyses and genuine patriotic motivation.
Since its establishment, the Institute has been distinguished by its ability to bring together all parties and partners working in economic, social, and political affairs, and to deploy the spectrum of economic methodologies and doctrines that serve the common goal of building and protecting the Palestinian national economy. This is accomplished through the formulation of appropriate economic and social policies to meet the challenges to resilience posed by a complex environment that is hostile to development, due to prolonged Israeli occupation and settler-colonialism.
The Institute is well known today for its quality scientific research, its ability to respond to the concrete development needs of the Palestinian people, the independence of its economic analysis, and its contribution to developing a national economic culture. Also, it has always been, and will remain, a forum for free and vivid discussion on issues of Palestinian development, as well as a meeting point for Palestinian scientific expertise, and a destination for researchers from all over the world interested in Palestinian economic affairs.
We hope the website helps you find what is useful for your research or interest in the Palestinian economy, and we welcome your questions and suggestions for developing our outreach with the Institute’s multifaceted audience and beneficiaries of its research services.

Raja Khalidi
Director General