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Economic Monitor, Special Supplement 2020

Preliminary Assessment of the Possible Impacts of COVID-19 Health Crisis  on the Palestinian Economy

MAS devoted its full research team in a collective effort to analyze the impacts of the crisis, track global economic developments and policy shifts, in what is truly a historic juncture for the world’s economies. Such policy reassessments are no less important than the social transformations that this crisis will for sure entail. Meanwhile, the Institute continued its ongoing research activities and organizing meetings and focus groups as much as possible, through remote communication means, to stay connected with experts and stakeholders from the different sectors, so to better inform its research activities. Clearly the unique situation of Palestine as a non-sovereign state without access to the common fiscal or monetary instruments will .

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Welcome to the online library of MAS. We invite you to explore our newly redesigned website and to experience what MAS has to offer. This page allows you to surf the contents of our e-library and offers you free access to all MAS's publications since 1998 .

MAS’s library is one of the leading specialized libraries in the country and is a vital resource for economic and social research. The library provides its services to in-house researchers and other patrons from academia and the research community in general, from the Palestinian National Authority and Palestinian Legislative Council to academics, university students, NGOs, private sector stakeholders and other interested members of the public. Current library holdings stand at 21,332 titles, of which 70 percent are in English and 30 percent in Arabic. The library is subscribed to 7 economic journals of international standing through the American Economic Association, the Economist and Haaretz (E-Journals), in addition to 3 Arabic local newspapers. It also receives periodicals (in both Arabic and English) within its Gift and Exchange Program. The library provides access to JSTOR and International Monetary Fund electronic databases. The library employs the LibSys Information Management System which enables patrons to navigate collections through an online catalog and obtain the all MAS’s publications since 1998.

Mission statement 
The library’s mission is to support research projects of the Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute (MAS)and to facilitate access to specialized literature in the field of economics and social science by providing materials, resources, services, and facilities to meet their needs and to achieve the Institute’s mission and goals. Furthermore, the library aims to share with researchers MAS’s regular publications and research studies, as well as to update them with current information regarding MAS’s related programs and activities.


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