Palestinian Economic News

For the past 16 years, MAS has researched and edited a monthly Economic Bulletin, published by the Portland Trust (UK), in both English and Arabic. It covers the latest and most prominent developments in the economic arena in Palestine, and their repercussions/impact on the business environment and the economy overall. As of December 2021, MAS has published 183 issues of the monthly Economic Bulletin.

 The Economic Bulletin regularly monitors the primary economic indicators. This includes GDP, economic activity indicators, public finance and aid, work and unemployment, prices and inflation, the banking/financial sector and lending, trade, development projects, financial market performance, and others. The bulletin also includes news items and the most important events that affect the economic and commercial environment in Palestine. This covers amendments to applicable laws, commercial and economic agreements, international expansion, as well as mergers and acquisitions between leading Palestinian companies. The Bulletin also provides news and analysis on specific sectors such as tourism, agriculture, ICT, and others.

There are no Palestinian Economic News until this moment!