PALESTINIAN ECONOMIC BULLETIN - August 2022 - Bulletin 191

30 aug 2022

Main reports

  • On 16 June, the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics and the Ministry of Agriculture published the preliminary findings of the 2021 Agricultural Census, conducted every decade and providing vitally important official data for future planning and investment 
  • On 28 July, PalPay signed an agreement with the Ministry of Social Development to provide its services to those served by the Ministry, including the 115,000 low-income and marginalised households that benefit from the cash transfer programme 
  • On 27 July, the Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute (MAS) held a round-table to discuss one of its latest reports, entitled: “The future of Palestinian labour in the Israeli labour market in light of economic and political realities”
  • Al-Quds index closed at 634.5 points on the last day of trading in July 2022, a decrease of 4.8% from the previous month
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