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MAS Launches its New Website with Improved Design and Content to Keep Pace with the Times

21 feb 2022


The Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute (MAS) is today launching its new website, with modern and innovative designs and specifications based on the latest developments in the field of designing and maintaining websites. This new website gathers data and services that users can access and browse with ease. This includes access to research, interactive participation, follow-up on the Institute’s news, and reviews of the latest activities and developments. It also provides the reader and researcher access to a wide database, in both Arabic and English, which they can access with minimal time and effort.

The launch of the new website (which can be browsed from all types of devices, including laptops, tablets and various smart devices), comes as part of the Institute's keenness to pursue a strategy of digital transformation and innovation. The Director General of MAS, Mr. Raja Khalidi, indicated that the launch of the new website reflects the Institute's continuous endeavor to achieve excellence in various aspects of its work, keeping pace with digital transformations and the explosion of knowledge and information across the world. Khalidi added that the Institute is keen to provide the best electronic and technical services to its constituents, indicating that the site provides comprehensive and reliable information, in addition to scientific publications, research and policy papers. It also provides access to the latest global news on the Palestinian economy.

“A warm welcome to our new site’s visitors,” Khalidi commented and reaffirmed his hope that visitors to the site will find “what the Institute is known for, in terms of quality scientific research and its response to the concrete needs of the Palestinian people given the fluctuating political scene. The Institute is renowned for the independence of its economic analysis, its scientific integrity, and its contribution to the dissemination of a national economic culture”. He also indicated that MAS, as portrayed by its public identity on this website, “will remain a safe space for the best Palestinian minds and human capabilities, providing a strong basis for free and frank dialogue on thorny issues concerning Palestinian development. The site is a forum for Palestinian scientific competencies, and a primary destination for researchers from all over the world who are interested in Palestinian economic issues”.

The new website aims to provide a primary address of reference for decision makers, allowing them to rely on research and policy papers produced by the Institute. This research is also considered to be reliable and trustworthy by the private sector, given that research papers focus on the most important and current issues concerning the Palestinian economy. The site contains an electronic library - the largest library specializing in economics in Palestine. It is of interest to researchers, academics and students. The website also includes new sections such as the ‘Research Resource Center’, and dedicated pages for ‘training programs’, as well as ‘upcoming activities’ and ‘research programs’ (both basic and specialized).