Al-Quds Index Reached Its Lowest Level in 2014 at the End of November
The Al-Quds index closed down at the level of 482.45 points at the end of November. This marked a decline of 3.6% throughout the month. Al-Quds achieved its highest value at the beginning of the month (503.01 points on 3 November) and took on a negative path afterwards.
Figure 1 below shows the daily Al-Quds index since the beginning of the year. It is clear that the index has been following an overall downward path, reaching its lowest point for 2014 so far on the last day of trading in November. Earlier in the year, Al-Quds exceeded 600 points on 2 February for the first time since October 2008.
Figure 1: Al-Quds Index, 02/01/2014-30/11/2014
Source: PEX
In November a total of 13.71 million shares with a value of $26.97 million were traded. Figure 2 below shows the number and value of shares traded at PEX since the beginning of 2014. The trade in shares started well in 2014 but declined significantly after the first quarter. The lowest number and value of traded shares occurred in July, mostly as a result of the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip and its negative impact on the investment climate.
Figure 2: Number of Traded Shares (millions) and Value of Traded Shares ($ millions) at PEX, January-November 2014
Source: PEX
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