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Letter from the Director

As MAS commences its third decade as the foremost institute for economic policy research in Palestine, it is incumbent on its management to have the Institute’s website revised and upgraded. This is what we did, with the objective of transforming MAS’s website into a dynamic tool of communication, making it the principal means of disseminating research results, besides being a useful reservoir of information.

We intended the present website to be more topical, more up-to-date and more interactive, to package the material in a way that is accessible and attractive to the user, and to provide links to other news and analysis that may be relevant to what the user is interested in. . The site provides information not only about MAS’s own research activities, roundtables, conferences, lectures, comments, analyses, plans, policy statements, research program, partnerships, Board decisions, and others, but also about any other work or developments affecting the Palestinian economy, including policies and decisions by the Palestinian Government, the PMA, the Israeli authorities, the donor community, studies and reports by the IMF, the World Bank, the UN, and others. Thus the website is a communication tool for MAS to spread economic information and knowledge among the media and the public at large and therefore to build a broader constituency for economic reforms and for sound policies.

The new MAS website tried to achieve these objectives, realizing that improvements will be constantly needed, and it is left to the user to decide to what extent we have been successful. To this end, constant feedback through the available facility is greatly appreciated.
On behalf of MAS, I would like to extend our thanks to all those who contributed to this new website in all possible ways, whether by providing ideas, or funding, or doing the actual technical work.

Nabeel Kassis PhD
Director General

February 2015