Director of Research
The Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute (M’ahad Abhath As-Syasat Al-Iqtisadiya Al-Filistini)-MAS is a well-established and renowned Palestinian research institutethat was founded in 1994 as an independent, non-profit institution to undertake high-quality economic and socio-economic policy research. The aim of the research institute and its research activities is to improve the understanding of the Palestinian economy, deal with the constraints to economic development, and explore the economic potential of Palestine. Its overall aim is to assist policy-makers in designing evidence-based policies and foster public participation in the formulation of economic and socio-economic policies. More information about the Institute can be found at .  
Vacancy: Director of Research:
 MAS is seeking to employ immediately a Senior Economistto supervise, as well as to undertake, policy-oriented research on the Palestinian economy, to be appointed as Director of Research as soon as practicable and after a mandatory period of familiarization which should not to exceed 6 months. MAS’s areas of research cover various aspects of the Palestinian economy, including trade, fiscal, monetary, labor, and food security policies. Other activities within the Director of Research’s overall responsibilities include: economic monitoring, mentoring interns and junior research staff, and organizing colloquia on ongoing research, workshops on research outcomes, roundtable meetings with stakeholders on topical issues, lectures, symposia, and conferences. 
Position Overview
The Director of Research is a management position reporting to the Director General of the Institute. The Director of Research will lead and oversee the research function, supervise the research staff, and work closely with the Director General and the Program Officer to help achieve the Institute’s fundraising goals. Successful candidates should be able to assume a leadership role in conducting and managing day-to-day operations for multiple research programs and projects with a keen eye on quality. The appointment is effected by decision of the Board of Trustees upon a recommendation from MAS’s Director General.
Main Duties and Responsibilities
- Supervise all research and research-related activities of the Institute.
- Supervise research staff, set research functions and individual employee goals, and provide regular evaluation of progress toward these goals.
- Undertake high-quality and policy-oriented economic research relevant to the Palestinian economic and socio-economic conditions.
- Design research programs and supervise their execution.
- Organize presentation of research, including at conferences and public meetings.
 Provide overall supervision and mentoring of mid-level and junior researchers.
-  Close follow-up on schedules for delivery of research outcomes.
-  Identify and promote professional growth opportunities for staff.
-  Ensure adherence to professional standards and ethics of research.
-  Perform other related duties as assigned.
-  Work in close cooperation with administrative staff.
-  Report to the Director General on regular basis. 
-  PhD degree in Economics, with 10 years of experience in productive research and publication.
-  Strong analytical skills, including expertise in the modeling and analysis of data.
-  Expert knowledge of economic and socio-economic conditions in Palestine.
-  Ability to lead and to communicate effectively with researchers and other staff at various levels.
-  Excellent Arabic and English writing skills and advanced computer skills.
-  Strong communication and collaboration skills.
-  Ability to think strategically, delegate responsibility, build consensus, and communicate effectively. 
Terms, Salary and Benefits
MASoffers one-year renewable contracts and can consider a longer-term contract for the Director of Research position after the first year on the job. The salary is based on the unified scale of Palestinian universities with adjustments for differences in vacations and the sabbatical leave for senior academic ranks. A special administrative allowance is available. Benefits include health insurance for staff (100%) and dependents (50%).
MAS premises, Ramallah, West Bank, Palestine
Starting Date
As soon as possible, preferably no later than 1st April 2018.
Interested candidates should send their CV and a cover letter elaborating on their interest in the position to or by fax at +9722-2987055 no later than 21th December 2017.
MAS is an Equal Opportunity Employer.