Balance of Payments in Q1/2015

 In the first quarter of 2015 the ongoing deficit in the current account amounted to $323.4 million, up by 66.4% from the previous quarter. The deficit was the result of a deficit in the trade balance of goods ($1,218.6 million, down by 5.1% from Q4/2014), a deficit in the services balance ($2.3 million, compared to an $8.8 million surplus in Q4/2014), and a surplus in the income balance ($331.8 million, down by 2.1% from Q4/2014).

Meanwhile, the surplus in the capital and financial account reached $237.6 million, an increase of 27.7% from the previous quarter. The capital account surplus decreased by 0.8% to $99.1 million, while the financial account surplus rose by as much as 60.7% to $138.5 million.

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