The CPI in the First Months of 2015

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) decreased mildly by 0.40% in January (to 110.17) and 0.42% in February (109.71), while it went up by 0.60% in March (110.37). In January the prices of fresh poultry, potatoes and other tubers, liquid fuel for cars, and liquid fuel for houses experienced the highest declines, while the prices of fresh vegetables, eggs, and rice rose the most. In February potatoes and other tubers, liquid fuel for houses, fresh vegetables, and gas faced the most significant drops in prices, whereas dried vegetables – the highest increase. In March the electricity tariff and the prices of eggs went down the most, while fresh poultry, liquid fuel for houses, liquid fuel for cars, and potatoes and other tubers experienced the most considerable price increases.

When compared with the corresponding months of 2014, the CPI increased in all of January (by 0.49%), February (by 0.28%), and March (by 0.95%).

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