Stock Exchange in January and February 2015

The Al-Quds index fell by 2.0% in January 2015, closing at 501.42 points on the last day of trading for the month. The index reached its lowest (488.52 points) and highest (505.14 points) levels on 11 and 22 January, respectively. A total of 4.8 million shares were traded over the month for the total value of $9.2 million. These figures marked a decline of 61.8% in the volume and 59.4% in the value of traded shares from the previous month. Bank of Palestine enjoyed the highest liquidity with 35.4% of the total traded volume and 50.8% of the value. Market capitalization was $3.13 billion.

In February the Al-Quds index continued its downward path and dropped by 0.3%, closing at 499.04 points. The lowest (497.39 points) and highest (504.76 points) levels occurred on 8 and 12 February, correspondingly. The volume of traded shares increased by 160% from January to 12.4 million, whereas their value rose by 167% to $24.5 million. PADICO experienced the most volume of traded shares (31.1% of the total), and Bank of Palestine faced the most value (48.2% of the total). Market capitalization equaled $3.13 billion.

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