Olive Oil Sector in 2014

 There were as many as 265 operating olive presses in Palestine in 2014: 243 in the West Bank and 22 in the Gaza Strip. Of them, 241 were fully automatic, and only 24 were half automatic or traditional. In 2014, a total of 108 thousand tons of olives were pressed (a major increase of 64.7% from 2013), which yielded 25 thousand tons of olive oil (with 40.3% more than in 2013). The value added of olive pressing activities equaled $10.9 million, intermediate consumption was $3.1 million, and output amounted to $14.0 million. Olive pressing activities employed 1,353 workers in 2014, 72.8% of whom were waged employees, and the rest were unpaid family members. Waged employees’ compensation reached $1 million.

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