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MAS hosts a series of focused lectures each year delivered by distinguished economists and experts from other local and international institutions or by its own senior researchers. The purpose of the lectures is to increase public awareness regarding topical issues under discussion and to encourage the exchange of information among scholars and academics. MAS usually invites veteran speakers; who are experts in different subject areas to deliver lectures in their respective fields. Lectures typically consist of a 60 minutes presentation before opening the floor to discussion between the speaker and the audience for another 60 minutes.
For more information about MAS’s most recent and upcoming lecture topics and speakers follow the links below.

 This important MAS Conference has put forth a title that is, in my view, ambitious, timely, and...

Wednesday, 2 December 2015. Academics and representatives of the public, private and civil sectors gathered...

  Tuesday, 4 August 2015. MAS held a workshop which presented and discussed a study titled “Palestinian...

 7 May 2015, Ramallah. Today MAS in cooperation with the Faculty of Business and Economics at Birzeit...

 Since 2009, MAS has organized an annual lecture in a series of instructive and educational lectures...

February 19, 2014 HIGHLIGHT Economic performance in the West Bank and Gaza was weaker than expected...

Lecturer: Prof. Robert Wade, 'New Industrial Policy: the Entrepreneurial State as a Complement to Private Entrepreneurs" November 27, 2013