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Food Security Bulletin

MAS has been publishing the Palestinian food semiannual bulletin, in English and Arabic, since 2009. The bulletin aims to achieve two interrelated goals: (1) inculcating the public's knowledge of the concepts of food security, and (2) reviewing indicators of food security and food aid on a semiannual basis.

Content of the FSB:

  • Terminology: provides definitions of food security terminology such as poverty, the hunger index, the index of human development, and others.
  • Developments and Updates in the Palestinian Territories: Recent trends in food security and insecurity levels in Palestine, based on data from the Socio-Economic and Food Security Survey of PCBS, WFP, FAO, and UNRWA. In addition, a preview of food aid programs that have been implemented or are being planned is included.
  • Food Prices in the Palestinian Territories: updated data on prices of major food items (rice, bread, meat, milk, oil, sugar, flour) from the PCBS.
  • World Food Prices: An update on world food prices and main food commodities, based on the FAO reports.
  • Literature Review: Overview of recent publications related to food security in Palestine.
  • Two sections on topical issues related to food security in Palestine.

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