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Socio-Economic & Food Security Survey 2018
Author: MAS, FAO and PCBS
Year: 2021
Field: Agriculture and Food Security
Category: Publications
Lecture 2020

Year: 2020
Category: Yusuf A. Sayigh Development Lecture
Disengagement from the Israeli Economy: Concepts and Viability
Author: Misyef Jamil, Ismat Quzmar, Islam Rabee
Year: 2020
Field: Draft Laws Review and Governance Related Issues
Category: Studies & Papers
The Legal Framework of Consumer Protection in Financial Services

Year: 2020
Field: Financial Policies
Category: Studies & Papers
Palestinian Health Sector Assessment: Macro-Analytical Study
Author: Belal Falah, Jihad Meshal, Wafaa Betawi
Year: 2020
Field: Other Productive Sectors
Category: Publications